For the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Services Industry

•   Abstracting of new leases
Updates of abstracts
Supplementation of existing abstracts
Abstract validation services
Logging of reconciliation statements into the system, including the review of monthly or quarterly CAM statements to find discrepancies
Logging of Real Estate Tax billings, Utility  and other Miscellaneous billings into the client’s system and creating invoices for payment
Verifying and updating client’s system to see if Escrow updates are properly captured and creating invoices for overpayment or shortfall adjustments
Review of tenant ledgers and statements and comparing them with invoices to see if there are any outstanding amounts due
Information Memorandums (for Brokers)
Other Related Services

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For the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Brokers

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Eximius BPO, aside from Lease Administration Support Services also provides professional and dedicated virtual assistants to help you do your back office tasks. We are the only company who provides Virtual Administrative Assistants exclusively for Real Estate Brokers trained for Lease Abstracting.

Our Virtual Assistants undergo a month-long training to make sure that they fully understand the tasks they will encounter and the nature of Real Estate industry. Our training program is designed not only to round them as your typical Virtual Assistants but also professionals who can do simple lease abstracts and information memorandum for you. Our goal is to help you focus on your hot leads while we do those tedious, time consuming back office tasks.

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