Why Eximius

For more than 8 years and over 50,000 Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Lease abstractions, we've provided effective solutions for the Real Estate Management Industry's most difficult workflow challenges.

Eximius provides:

Cost-effective and Experienced team to address Resource, Monetary or Time Constraint Issues

In general, our resources cost 30% to 50% less than in-house support staff and most have several years of experience in the industry.  We can help support your in-house staff by taking on labor intensive tasks so that your resources can focus on more critical decision making areas of work. 

Scalable, High Quality Resources to address Long-Term growth issues

We can easily grow with your requirements.  Our analysts are all college graduates who have gone through our stringent recruiting and training program and thus capable to learn and develop different skills.   Each is required to have excellent quantitative skills as well as a strong command of the English language.  Our work is done in the Philippines where there is a sizable and skilled labor force. The Philippines is internationally ranked as #1 for the availability of high-end Knowledge Process jobs.  The country produces nearly 400,000 college graduates per year across a range of disciplines.  Nearly 150,000 graduate from business-related programs, 7,000 accounting graduates, while another 100,000 are from engineering or information technology (IT) programs. Our accounting system is strongly influenced by US and international practices (US GAAP and IFRS).   The Philippines is also the 3rd largest English-speaking country, behind the United States and United Kingdom. 

24/7 work Process to address Time Constraint Issues

Since the Philippines is 12 hours ahead of EST, work can proceed on a 24-hour basis, resulting in tremendous productivity gains. At the end of a business day, work is handed off to the Philippines, continued overnight and ready for your team by the start of the next business day.


Our tool, e-Prod, was initially created as our internal tracking tool to help us monitor where each document is in our process and assist us in assessing our team’s development then evolved into a monitoring tool for client use where you can get real-time status updates for each projects and keep track of any issues encountered for each lease.

What's in it for Eximius?
•   Process Compliance
•  Proper Statistics are captured
Continuous Development
Status updates on every Lease file/Project
Assist us in assessing our team’s development
   - Allows our Analysts to see the tasks assigned to them.
   - Shows our Analysts the status of each file and what should be done.
   - Analysts can download the lease file, upload once completed and add comments.

What's in it for our Clients?
•  Get real time status updates on each Lease file and Project
You can put a file on hold for further instructions or remove a file in the abstraction queue.
You can add comments
You print a report in excel.